Tado Smart Radiator Termostat

In our Strata, we have district heating from Hafslund, and old MMA radiators. Its always a bit hard to know your consumption, but I have always gotten money back from our strata fees.

The radiators themselves are ok, but its extra work to regulate the heat with the manual thermostats, and lots of unnecessary heating when we aren’t home.

A neighbour recommended Tado Smart Radiator Termostat. I also looked at the Danfoss solution which might have been more suited to our MMA (M28) radiators, as Tado doesn’t include an adaptor for M28. But Danfoss didnt have any of the integrations I was looking for, so went with Tado.

I bought a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Kit, and 2 ekstra Thermostats, so I had a total of 4, 3 for the kitchen living area, and one for the basement where we sleep. They where programmed with calendar control, for automatic night and day adjustment, and adaptive heating for the hours we are at home.

It wasnt elegant to get them adapted to the MMA ventilators, but with an  adapter it was acceptable, and they work well enough as long as you dont do them up to tight. There is not enough travel in the pin if you do it too tight, so it wont be able to shut off completely.

The consumption last winter looked like this:

Gauge   16/17    17/18   Diff
671     1667     1650
261     1641     1350
908        4     1765
094     1637     1954

What will it be in winter of 17/18? Will it reach the 20% advertised saving?

There is always someone listening…

What does it mean to always have someone listening? During WW2 the saying was “Loose lips sink ships“, should we now say “Your lips sell out”. Can we trust that these always on devices are not used against us, but only for us? The convenience is great, and the trust we give the companies extensive. In the ongoing trial against James Bates, at least some safeguards are revealed.

The other thing we don’t know is if the information will be of any use. Alexa records and simultaneously dumps constantly, and only stores information for a quarter of a second before it hears the word “Alexa” (or whatever you’ve chosen as your wake-word).

However, there is always the unknown factor you cant foresee or control with technology:

I dont know if we are trading down, but for now Im willing to try, but with purchasing turned of.

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