A promise to my daughter

I will love you always, unconditionally, no matter what.

I will not pamper you, this will forge your resilience. That will help you conquer all of life obstacles

I do not intend to raise a princess, but rather a warrior, with fire in her heart and ice in her veins.

In my mind, there is nothing you can’t do. No job or goal beyond your reach.

I will challenge you so that you stand confidently on your own two feet.

And I will set the example on how to treat those you love, so that when you chose a partner, it will be someone that lifts you up.

I will invest my time and energy in you, so that when I am gone, enough memories of me, will be with you, in your heart, to keep forever.

Stand tall, with your shoulders back.

This world is yours for the taking.

Quoted from Jason Gardner on Jocko Podcast 179 @ 2h:15m



Turn off full screen Samsung S8

Do you find the new full screen optimisation annoying? I do! On the Samsung S8 I lost the menu bar down the bottom all of a sudden, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it back.

Then I understood!

In order to get the button bar back, you have to make sure it’s no longer optional. In settings, turn off the “hide button”, and the pesky full screen is fine, ensuring I can still use the phone with my massive hands and thumb!