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When moving from on-premise Outlook, to SaaS Case handling solution SalesForce, printing is not top of mind. Here is how to use email to print through a Flow with SalesForce Service Cloud.

This flow uses 3 Flow Screen Components:

The buttons are optional, but makes the whole thing a lot nicer! 🙂


What the flow does, is that is takes the Case, finds the related emails, then based on selected email, finds all the attachments. Then using datatableFSC, sends an email (with Send Email) to a receiver service (UniFlow by Canon) that parses the email and attachment, and prints it.

Select email
Select email

Notice how using the Lighting Navigation buttons, lets you have just a small section visible on the Lightning Page? There is also feature in the button component to let you launch a flow as a message box. This would have been better, but the parsing of recordIDs through to the flow doesn’t work in the current release.

Select email
Select email

Now, the next step is where the datatableFSC comes into play. Its not currently possible to send a populated sObject Variable to a record Selection choice, or to use any of the built in functions when you cant do a direct getRecords to find the related files (Enhanced Email with Attachments stored as files).

But if you use datatable, you can loop through the Content Document Version and Content Document to populate a sObject record variable, and have datatableFSC render it. Like this:

Select attachment
Select attachment

I have used a formula to create the title, back into the Content Document Object scheme, but its just stored in the flow. The datatableFSC then outputs to a new variable, that is used by the Send Email Action.

Send the emails with attachments

Now, for each document selected, it calls the Send Email action, and gives the Content Document ID, email body etc. Unfortunately, only 1 attachment per email, and max 10 emails per flow. Next step might be to integrate this with Google Cloud Print or the likes, but for now its UniFlow that prints the email to the Users local printer. Delay is a couple of seconds, but PDFs mostly work.

The whole flow

I dont claim any points for flow beauty, but here is the flow as it sits now. There is 2 branches, one if there is only 1 attachment. Then it skips the datatableFSC section. And one where there are several attachments to the case.

Whole Flow
Whole Flow

A promise to my daughter

I will love you always, unconditionally, no matter what.

I will not pamper you, this will forge your resilience. That will help you conquer all of life obstacles

I do not intend to raise a princess, but rather a warrior, with fire in her heart and ice in her veins.

In my mind, there is nothing you can’t do. No job or goal beyond your reach.

I will challenge you so that you stand confidently on your own two feet.

And I will set the example on how to treat those you love, so that when you chose a partner, it will be someone that lifts you up.

I will invest my time and energy in you, so that when I am gone, enough memories of me, will be with you, in your heart, to keep forever.

Stand tall, with your shoulders back.

This world is yours for the taking.

Quoted from Jason Gardner on Jocko Podcast 179 @ 2h:15m



Kill signature pictures with Processbuilder and Flow

Use ProcessBuilder and Flow to evaluate attachments, AND get rid of the signature pictures! This will help your users quickly identify Salesforce Service Cases that has attachments, and reduce your storage waste.

The below solution does NOT scale, but it works if your case volume is in the thousands a day. What it does, is to analyze any incoming email post arrival. This is important as SalesForce cant currently do it on arrival, as it doesnt have the flags set yet.

To do this PostArrival, you have to use Scheduled Action. Preconditions in the below setup is Enchanced Email and Attachments as Files. The concept does work for the Attachment object as well though.

So 1 hour prior the email arriving, it kicks of a time based workflow from Process Builder, scans it for any non image attachments, and if so, updates a Case flag to show that it has attachments. It then kicks of a subflow, that kills any images less than 8kb.

Step 1 – Kick of the Scheduled Actions:

Kick of the Time Based Workflow 1 hour prior to the email arriving, if it has the Attachment flag set to True on the email.

Step 2 – Evaluate the Attachments:

Evaluate the Attachments for a PDF, txt, Excel etc based on fileextension first, so that the user gets the Case list updated with the Attachment flag.

Step 3 – Delete the Signature images:

Then delete all the garbage attachments. And do the world a favour, champion in your organizations to stop this bad practices, too many people still have embedded images in their email signature.

This problem has also been discussed in this thread over at SalesForce Trailblazer Community. Upvote the idea, as the above is not a good solution! In the case you have a incoming email burst, things can go haywire!

Should you have any feedback or improvement suggestions, let me know!

MagicMirror with old MacBookPro A1278

Apple MacBook Pro “Core 2 Duo” 2.53 13″ (SD/FW) Specs
Identifiers: Mid-2009 13″ – MB991LL/A – MacBookPro5,5 – A1278 – 2326*

Find Out Type and Model of LCD Panel in an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc

Turn off full screen Samsung S8

Do you find the new full screen optimisation annoying? I do! On the Samsung S8 I lost the menu bar down the bottom all of a sudden, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it back.

Then I understood!

In order to get the button bar back, you have to make sure it’s no longer optional. In settings, turn off the “hide button”, and the pesky full screen is fine, ensuring I can still use the phone with my massive hands and thumb!

Tado Smart Radiator Termostat

In our Strata, we have district heating from Hafslund, and old MMA radiators. Its always a bit hard to know your consumption, but I have always gotten money back from our strata fees.

The radiators themselves are ok, but its extra work to regulate the heat with the manual thermostats, and lots of unnecessary heating when we aren’t home.

A neighbour recommended Tado Smart Radiator Termostat. I also looked at the Danfoss solution which might have been more suited to our MMA (M28) radiators, as Tado doesn’t include an adaptor for M28. But Danfoss didnt have any of the integrations I was looking for, so went with Tado.

I bought a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Kit, and 2 ekstra Thermostats, so I had a total of 4, 3 for the kitchen living area, and one for the basement where we sleep. They where programmed with calendar control, for automatic night and day adjustment, and adaptive heating for the hours we are at home.

It wasnt elegant to get them adapted to the MMA ventilators, but with an  adapter it was acceptable, and they work well enough as long as you dont do them up to tight. There is not enough travel in the pin if you do it too tight, so it wont be able to shut off completely.

The consumption last winter looked like this:

Gauge   16/17    17/18   Diff
671     1667     1650
261     1641     1350
908        4     1765
094     1637     1954

What will it be in winter of 17/18? Will it reach the 20% advertised saving?

Insert Phone into Daydream headset

When I used my Samsung S8 in a DayDream headset, it crashed continuously. I was constantly getting the message “Insert phone into daydream headset”. After trying charging, reinstall and swearing, I found the answer.

On the Samsungs, turn on “Performance Mode” before starting up Daydream. I also found some tips with aluminiumfoil to block the NFC, but that doesn’t really seem to be required if in Performance Mode. Problem is though, that the battery goes even faster now…

bitcoin, anti clima Ponzi scam?

There was a local talk regarding bitcoin and blockchain technology. I went for a gander, and found it perplexing. The conclusion I drew from the seminar, was that the tech is great, but bitcoin itself is a scam.

A ponzi based scam somehow fuelled by group thinking and FOMO, yet obviously so. Not to forget the great energy expense thats associated with the Proof of Work approach. Those who says bitcoin should be illegal, do have a point in the interest of the greater good.

For blockchain based payment services, state regulation is also required, so that it wont be yet another avenue for the likes of #ParadisePapers.

Dont think any of this is what Svein Ølnes wanted to convey though.

Another proposition was that bitcoin in its current state was well suited for wealth storage. I dont see how that can be true when there is no Fiat peg, and there is no regulation. Who guarantees for a Fiat reserve? How can we trust the exchanges to be able to cash in bitcoins in the future. Its not like they are regulated or in any way are able to generate real life cash for the value increase bitcoin has had.

No, to speculate in cryptocurrencies until there is regulation, fiat reserves, environmentally friendly patterns and the possibility to spend them in every day transactions like a mortgage, seems to be ill fated. Ill let others inflate the bubble.

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